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Crisana-Bihor Consulting Inc.

"Your cost is less than you will save"
RBNS Chapter:
(416) 839-1044

Please visit us at:, to see how you can make 40% to 70% typical economies on your IT budget.

Providing IT services to businesses with four or more servers, willing to control their data confidentioality, security and protection.

We assist with all aspects of the in-house virtualization to lower the total Cost of Ownership and IT Operation Costs while improving the Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery. Maximizing the IT resources utilization.

Optimizing the IT environment to the enterprise level without the "enterprise" asociated investment.

Specific services:

  • Virtual IT infrastructure design and deployment by virtualizing and optimizing of the existing IT infrastructure
  • Basic training for the "as deployed" virtual IT environment
  • Bacup solutions, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning - tests, audits, implementations and restoring
  • Basic remote troubleshoting and remote assistance with the vendors' (hardware or software) technical support, on the "as deployed" virtual IT environment