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Sorin Marinescu

"Serve my clients' investment interests primarily"
RBNS Chapter:
Business Type:

Serve my clients' investment interests primarily in the large and medium cap markets as well as income generating securities. I am also licensed in options.
Investment vehicles used : S
tocks , Bonds , Mutual Funds, Money Market Instruments, GICs , Options , traded in canadian and foreign markets.

Accont types :

  • Pension plans : RRSPs , RRIFs , LIRAs ,
  • LRSPs , LIFs , LRIFs , RRIFs .

Education plans:

  • RESPs
  • Tax-Free Savings accounts
  • Trading accounts in $CAD and $US.

Mission Statement:
The observation and analysis of the Past and Present , to forecast and position accordingly for the probable future.